Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm so proud of C! We were at Publix the other day and she pointed right at a bunch of grapes and yelled "Uvas!" I'm proud of her for speaking a Portuguese word (and for liking healthy snacks more than I did as a child.) 

Is it a question of who said it first? Reinforcement? Or is uva just easier to say than grape? 

I wonder sometimes, how much difference it makes if the word is easier in one language over another. She has never said cachorro - always says doggy. Cachorro is a much harder word to pronounce.  Duck is also easier for her - when she does attempt to say pato she says papu. Which, I think, it a pattern. When she says bottle she says bappie. This makes me think the letter T is hard for her, in both languages. amd she sometimes replaces it with a P. Agua is still agua and perhpas it's because agua is easier than water. Or maybe it's that agua is easier for everyone to pronounce than other Portuguese words and even my husband and mom reinforce it by asking her if she wants agua instead of water. 

For now, uvas are uvas, and she loves them. 

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