Monday, April 21, 2014

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Party: Easter Sunday

As I posted last week, Seventh Generation sent me a Healthy Baby Home Party pack with samples and coupons for their products, along with a few other companies. I integrated the Healthy Baby Party with our family's Easter party. I actually think the message of Easter and the mission of Seventh Generation work well together!

I used pages from the literature they sent me to decorate. Each green panel has a tip for making your home safer from toxins and chemicals. Here is my cousin signing the petition asking Congress to improve testing regulations on the chemicals used in household products. If you want to sign, click here.

I decided that green Easter eggs would be for the babies - so the older kids knew not to take them. I put some of the samples, coupons and healthy baby snacks in these eggs so that the babies wouldn't end up with tons of chocolate they couldn't eat. I also wrapped up some of the full sized products and put them out as part of the Easter egg hunt. This way, the moms got to enjoy the hunt too!

I prepared an envelope full of samples and coupons for each family. We talked about the petition and the healthy home tips. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed. 

Thanks Seventh Generation for the party pack and the opportunity to share this information with my family. My cousins and I already have some awareness about toxins in the home, but it gave us a chance to talk to our parents - who are now proud grandparents - about why they should care about these issues too. My aunt, mom and mother-in-law all care for their grandbabies on a weekly basis, so it's great to have reinforcement with literature and samples to try to convince our parents that they need to be more careful about the products they buy and spray in their homes.

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