Monday, March 3, 2014

The Word Count: 15 months

C recently had her 15 month check-up with the pediatrician. He asked my husband to give an estimate of how many words she knows. He sent me a text message asking me to write out my list, while he wrote out his in the time it took them to weigh and measure her.

Here's my list, in the order that she first began to speak them:


dada (which seems to be for both of us, even as she uses mama and papa to distinguish us)
uh-oh (for when she drops something, is about to drop something, or when she sees me drop something)
Vovó (my mother)
Nana (my husband's mother)
bappy (for bottle)


mama (for when she wants to nurse)

So, you can see how the Portuguese is going. I guess it is to be expected when I am the only one speaking to her in Portuguese. I'm a little sad about this - and then I feel silly, because I should be excited for every new thing she is learning!

Those lists are just the words that she speaks, and speaks without prompting. The two Portugeuse words she says are because I am usually the one to take her outside in the morning - and from December through February I have been shivering and saying "Epa! Está a fazer FRIO!" Now she will say "frio" if she touches ice or when someone changes her diaper. And she says "agua" because I am usually the one to give a bath, and I say "agua" as I drip it down her back. It's always warm water, (by the way).

But no matter how many times I show her a duck and say "pato" she still says "duk". 

I guess I could count mamá, papá and vovó as Portuguese words. She really gets the accent right. So much that I know when she is saying "mamá" for me, versus "mama" because she wants to nurse. And when she really wants to be cute she will say "papa, papai, papi" while trying to wake up my husband.

Words that she understands, but does not yet say:


She understands everything. If we talk about brushing teeth, she touches her teeth. If we talk about food she starts to squeak for food. We really have to watch ourselves now.


tchau - she will wave, and maybe say something similar to tchau, but prefers "bye"
beijo - she will give a kiss on command, if she feels like it
abraço - she is much more generous with the hugs
mais - she signs for more, but does not yet say "more" in English or Portuguese
fofa - she knows that's something we say just to her

It's a work in progress! Every day she says something new - really, this list is already outdated. I think I'll update the word count once a month or so.


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