Monday, March 24, 2014

The Word Count: 16 months

C is at 16 months now and her language abilities are exploding! Every day I catch her saying a new word - of course, that word is usually in English.

English Words of the Week:
More! (while making the sign for more, decidedly NOT saying "Mais!")
Apple (for newly discovered pineapple)
Happy (thank you Pharrell!)
Hameer (for our horse, Sameer)

Portuguese Words:
Agua is still going strong over Water. We recently went to Cascades Park, where they have a beautiful waterfall fountain and she pointed directly to it and said "Agua." To all my delight.

Aqui, she now runs around the house going "aqui! aqui!". I don't really know if she knows what it means, but I do say it a lot when we read books asking where different objects are.

Amor, while I do call her "Amor" sometimes, I think this is more because she REALLY loves the song "Amourt'es là?" by Banda Magda. So, I think she is running around saying "Amor" because she wants to hear that song, or it is playing through her head.

Mamãe and Papai, I don't know how this got started. I was happy that she called me Mamá, with the correct accent. But now she is calling us Mamãe and Papai and it is the sweetest thing ever.

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