Friday, March 28, 2014

The Pink Broom/A Vassoura Rosada

Every time C sees me sweep the deck, she grabs the other broom and tries to sweep too. Of course, a tiny person wielding an adult size broom is a chaotic scene and I worry she's going to hit herself in the head with the long handle. So I bought her a child size broom. Buying her such a domestic product doesn't bother me. I think it's a good way for her to learn chores - and I will be just encouraging of this if I have a son later on. But it did bother me that the only broom I could find was pink.

Why did it have to be pink?

I remember when I was a very little girl people would often ask me what my favorite color was. This seems to be a common question to ask young children, doesn't it? When I would tell people my favorite color was blue, people would often say - but that's a boy's color! From a very early age I was taught that some colors were for girls - pink, purple - and other colors were for boys - blue, red. And from a very early age I knew that, inherently, this was wrong. I never liked pink and I was a girl, so how could pink be a girl's color?

I was feeling a little bad about buying my daughter a domestic toy that was colored pink as if to say that only little girls would want to play at domestic chores....and then I saw this:

The tag shows a little boy playing with a broom! And not a blue broom, to mark that it was a boy's broom. He's playing with the pink broom. This instantly made me feel better and I thoroughly enjoyed watching C sweep the deck and her (pink) car. 

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