Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Music in Black and White

It's a fact that babies like black and white images. While most people are painting their baby's nursery pastel pink or blue, babies are actually much more interested in contrast - black and white, or primary colors. You might notice that may companies now make baby toys with black and white checks or stripes.

 In the beginning, infants can see mere inches away from their own face and their vision is blurry. Images of high contrast give babies something to focus on. Perhaps that is why C was so enraptured with Beyonce's Single Ladies video as an infant? C has very good taste in music and she still loves music videos in black and white. Below are a few of her international favorites:

English: Beyoncé - Single Ladies (I mean, yes it's sexy, but it's a lot more baby-friendly than Drunk in Love)

French: Banda Magda - Amour, t'est là?


Portuguese: Sara Tavares - Balancê

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