Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you tell which is candy?

Uau! This photo really scared me. Just the other day C spit out a rock. I never saw her put it in her mouth, but I'm happy it came out. Little ones are so quick to put just about anything in their mouths - especially if they think it's candy. So be careful about your medications!

Also, I read this NYT article yesterday about the dangers of the liquid nicotine used for e-cigarettes: Selling Poison by the Barrel. I had no idea how toxic liquid nicotine is. They dye it bright colors and give it flavors like cherry and bubblegum - think how enticing that must be for a child. Just one tablespoon could kill an adult. Fun fact: nicotine is one of the potent naturally occuring toxins in the world. So, don't smoke or vape at all. But if you do, keep these products away from small children who might think it's candy.

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