Monday, October 3, 2011

Ways People Find this Blog

I use stat counter to count the number of people who visit my blog. I think most bloggers do this to reassure themselves that somebody, anybody reads the posts they write. The stat counter allows me to see the visitor´s city, the length of time they stayed on a particular post and the phrase they typed into the search engine to find the blog. Don´t worry, there is no way I can see the visitor´s name or identifying information. Some of these phrases are interesting, some are hilarious. Here is a list of some of the recent phrases that lead people to my blog. They are linked to the related post.
King Cake
What Ethnicity is Salma Hayek?
This is American and Our Only Language is English (typo theirs, not mine)
Marpessa Dawn (frequent)
Brazilian Asians, Lovefoxx Luisa
Why Does Oscar Wao Use Lord of the Rings References
Soucouyant (frequent)
Planned Parenthood is Problematic
Hot Teenage Boy Mudding with Four Wheelers
Mad Men Hard to Understand
Punk Latina
El Tigre Chino
Weeds is Racist (extemely frequent)

My all time favorite was from a few years ago: Can I Ride an ATV While Pregnant?

Notice that many of these posts address race. I do not think of race as being a theme of this blog. I tend to think of it as a blog about public health, places I have been, interpretation stories. But I realize I have written quite a bit about race here. My post on Orfeu Negro has gotten some angry comments from people desperately defending the film as not racist. My post on Weeds has received many comments and visits from people looking for racial analysis of the show. (Unfortunately I don´t have access to the latest season, so the review is fairly old now.) This says to me that people have a lot of questions about race. It is something we think about a lot more than we want to admit. The posts I have written on race all try to address some sort of misconception I encountered as a teacher or an interpreter.

My posts on Suriname get a little traffic, maybe because few people have been there and have written about it in English. My posts on malaria get very few visitors, probably because most people would rather hear what the CDC has to say about it than what I have written - and it´s ok, I understand.

I love comments, positive AND negative. I really like hearing what other people have to say about the topics that most interest me, even if they disagree. So, always feel free to comment on the posts, just keep it nice.

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