Saturday, August 20, 2011

Global Health e-Learning

Check out this site: Global Health eLearning Center

The Global Health eLearning Center was created by USAID to help public health professionals continue their education and update themselves on specific global health topics such as:

child survival
maternal health
health systems
gender and health

The online courses are completely free. Each takes between one to three hours to complete. You can specialize in certificate areas like infectious disease or maternal health. You can stop in the middle of a course and easily come back to it later. I have already completed one malaria course and found the difficulty level to be in the middle - it´s more than just the basics, but really just a platform to having a deeper understanding of the issue. I will take the malaria in pregnancy course next, which will offer more details on complications of malaria in this one context. I am delighted that the program is available, easy to use and completely free. I don´t know why I hadn´t heard of this before, which is why I am telling everyone I know in the public health field that they should at least take a look at the course offerings.

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