Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vector Control

I am re-launching my first blog. It no longer made sense to keep the title A Minha Vida, when most of the posts aren´t really about my life anymore. I have another blog for that, one that I have had to make private for work reasons. But I will keep this blog public. I have decided to shift the focus of this blog away from my life and focus on public health in general. In the upper right corner you see 12 tags that categorize most of the posts into public health topics as well as a few others I find interesting. I used the six departments of public health at my alma mater, Tulane, to divide up the «public health» category.

I named the blog Vector Control after my interest in malaria. Hence, the picture of the engorged mosquito. I hope you enjoy the new focus and layout. It´s still a work in progress.

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