Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mulemba Xangola

In just a few weeks, Tyree and I are moving to Angola. We expect to be there around two years. We are very excited.

I'm posting these maps first so that everyone is clear on where we're going. Just to be especially clear, we are going to Angola the country, not Angola the prison in Louisiana. (There was some confusion about this as we were leaving New Orleans!) We will be living primarily in Luanda, the capital.

Some brief details: The national language in Angola is Portuguese and there are about 30 different African languages spoken, corresponding with the 30 or so different ethnics groups. Angola was a Portuguese colony from the 1500's until 1975. Angolans, like Mozambicans, had to fight for their independence. After independence there was a civil war between the MPLA on the left and UNITA on the right. Actually, the civil war was much more complicated than that, but that's all I can explain for now.

The war ended in 2002 and Angola is now going through a period of reconstruction. It is oil and diamond country, which has the strange affect of making Luanda the most expensive cities in the world, in a country with one of the worst infant mortality rates among all nations.

We are very excited about our move. I will be posting all Angola-related posts on my other blog: Sem Conteção, which I started several years ago with the hope that I might return to Africa one day.

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Amaly said...

So...what is the national language in Angola? I am very excited for you guys, it is going to be amazing to hear about your stories and life there!