Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Lee Cirlce

As if it isn't strange enough that New Orleans has a "Lee Circle" with a towering monument of Robert E. Lee. One Lee Circle also hosts this monument. I apologize that this picture is so bad, I took it at night, through glass because the doors were locked. The plaque below the bronze statue of oil workers reads:
"Always Remember, Oil and Gas Funded this Foundation."

The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation provides college scholarships to Louisiana students. The tone of the monument seems to be of true indignation that someone might forget it was really all about the oil. I think the monument is interesting now, after all that has happened. Two summers ago when I first moved to New Orleans, I remember being annoyed that the statue was demanding me to think of oil fondly, when I have no good feelings towards the oil industry. Two years ago, the doors were wide open. I may be wrong about this, but since the spill, I have not seen the doors open to visitors. Seeing that the foundation is supposed to be a charitable one and also has nothing to do with BP, it may not be a target of anger over the spill. But maybe they aren't taking any chances.

Always Remember, Oil and Gas has Permanently Damaged Our Coast.

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