Friday, August 20, 2010

Interpretation Files: PSA from Texas

In this PSA, an English-speaking rushes her sick baby to a hospital where no one speaks English. I'm not sure what they are speaking (any ideas)? The idea, I believe, is to show what it would be like to be unable to communicate with anyone in an emergency. I like the guy who speaks two words of English and throws them out there as if they could help.

I think it's interesting that - in a PSA aiming to improve language access in America - they chose to make an English-speaker the subject of our sympathy. I believe this is because those people most against language access would not be moved by watching a Spanish-speaking mother in this situation. They would probably mutter something about how she needed to learn English anyway. Watching a White mother try to find someone who speaks English in a hospital full of other White people makes it less about race and more about the linguistic problem of being unable to speak the language of those in charge.


Cris said...

By what is written on the door it seems they speak Esperanto. Achei ótima a idéia da propaganda, quem trabalha com interpretação e línguas gosta de que estes desafios diários de comunicação sejam mostrados. Nice blog, parabéns!

Heather said...

Esperanto - nem pensava nisso! Muito obrigada!

VIVIANA.C said...

muy buen blog te espero en el mio