Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Myths About Virginity

I loved this post at Feministing on virginity myths. Read the whole article with explanations for each myth here.

Myth #1: The hymen is THE definitive marker of virginity.
Because it's not like you could lose that riding a bicycle or anything.

Myth #2: Valuing virginity protects girls and women.
Child marriage, FGC, withholding information about sex...all done in the name of preserving virginity and protecting girls.

Myth #3: Queer sex doesn't "count".

Myth #4: You can only "lose it" once.

Myth #5: Sex within marriage is the "healthiest" kind.
Right, because there's no way you can be raped by your husband or catch an STI from the one you're married to.

Myth #6: There's one universal definition of sex.
I am aware of three different kinds. There may be more...

Myth #7: Slut-shaming plays an important social role by discouraging "risky" behavior.

Myth #8: Teens should learn that sex is dangerous so they won't put themselves at risk for unwanted pregnancy and/or STIs.

Myth #9: Teens don't want to talk about sex with their parents.

Myth #10: There is no such thing as sex-positive abstinence.
Yes, of course you can talk about abstinence and other forms of contraception/protection in the same lecture!

Are there anymore myths out there that you can think of?

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Leilani said...

How about the ideas that some girls have that having anal doesn't count...they're still virgins!