Monday, January 4, 2010

Gentilly: Tropical Decay III

Last semester I worked at a school in Gentilly, a neighborhood hit hard by Katrina. The school where I worked was a charter school consisting of mobile units in back of an older brick school abandoned after Katrina. I found the older school an eerie shadow over the new one. They should renovate it or tear it down, but to leave it rotting that close to where kids play's as if people really don't think your environment matters, but it does. It does matter.

Most students had been born around 2004 2005. When I worked with their files I saw that most of the copies of their birth certificates or social security cards showed some sort of trauma; they were burned around the edges, showed water damage or were crumpled up like scrap paper. I could just image what had happened to these documents as they were being taken out of flooding houses when these children were just infants.

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