Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with Where There Is No Doctor

I'm not sure how I didn't spend all my free time as a Peace Corps volunteer enjoying Where There Is No Doctor's crazy illustrations. I really dropped the ball on that one. This book is awesome, full of all sorts of useful advice. I've been enjoying reconnecting with my dusty copy, looking at it through the eyes of a graduate student this time around. The selection I have chosen doesn't even give you the full experience; over half the illustrated characters in the book are naked. I think this is supposed to convey that medical examinations are best done naked, or at least only partially clothed.

Who would ever wrap a scorpion around their finger after it stung them? Sorry the scans are such poor quality.

For free downloads and other publications from the same group go to the Hesperian Foundation. Enjoy!


About Me said...

I can't believe you didn't look at it while you were a PCV...I love that book! You know you can go to their website and download a lot of their publications for free. They have the downloads in several different languages too.

Carly said...

Yeah... this book is pretty hilarious in so many ways. Maybe the illustrations help if you don't speak the same language? I actually remember using this once with Isac when he had some intestinal worms - good times :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Ingrid said...

My name is Ingrid and I work at Hesperian www.hesperian.org, publishers of Where There Is No Doctor. Thank you so much for posting this! I love the illustratioins in our books, too - did you know that we have one called A Book For Midwives, and another called Where Women Have No Doctor, as well as a bunch more, all with illustrations? And yes, we included the drawings to provide people another way to access the information in case the written text presents difficulties for them, since the point is for everyone to be able to access this important information.

If you know anyone who is going to Haiti, we've made a number of FREE emergency health materials in Haitian Creole (including the Creole translation of Where There Is No Doctor) on our home page www.hesperian.org.

I was in the Peace Corps, too, and that was where I first learned about Where There Is No Doctor. Go figure! Would love to hear about your assignment.


Miranda said...

I pored over that thing as a PCV. When it was raining, and all the Newsweeks had been read, out came WTIND.
"Dear PCMO, I think I have an ear infection. Should I pour vinegar in my ear like it says in WTIND?"

"Dear Miranda, No. You are five hours away. Come to the capital and I will look at it and give you medicine if needed."