Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oscar Wao: La Introducción

La Introducción

carajito – little kid, little shit

Caudillo – political-military leader, a dictator like Trujillo or Pinochet , we used this word in English too

coñazo - a pain or injury (where in coñazo?/ where in the fuck?)

dique - they say

fúa – by context it seems to mean “poof!”

fufu – by context it seems like the Puerto Rican version of fukú

fukú spanning from bad luck to a generational curse, explained at length and central to our story

güey – dude

jabao – light-skinned

jojote (Admiral jojote)- can’t find a satisfying definition

Macondo – a reference to García Márquez’s fictional pueblo of One Hundred Years of Solitude

parcha - passionfruit

puertorocks – Puerto Ricans (is common New Jersey slang or a Díazismo?)

zafa – the counterspell to fukú

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Anonymous said...

I think when he says " would make the one that attached itself to the Admiral jojote in comparison" he means that the curse on the admiral was human/mortal in comparison to the fukú attached to whomever was responsible for his death. Like small in comparison.