Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oscar Wao: Capítulo Uno

bachatero - someone who plays bachata, a Dominican genre

bemba – big lips

bochinche - gossip

buenmoso good boy

la Cigüapa – a mythological figure in the DR, creatures of human female form possibly portending death or misfortune

cocolos – a Caribbean term, it seems to always refer to a person of African descent, but depending on where it is used it can mean a black person who is not Hispanic or it can mean a black person from another island

el Cuco – similar to our Boogeyman, something fearful parents use to scare their children into sleeping

cuero - slut

galletazo (dale un galletazo) – bitch-slap

natas - tits

paliza - beating

palomo – a guy who can’t get a girl

parigüayo – a guy who goes to parties just to watch

pendejo, (amor de pendejo) - dumbass, (foolish love (but with no sympathy in tone))

rada (a lonely rada) - I can’t find any definition for this word!

trigueña – one of many terms to describe one’s racial appearence, who knows who is trigueña and who is morena

urikán - huracán, hurricane, it should be noted the word comes to both English and Spanish by way of the Tainos

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Anonymous said...

Muchisimas gracias! I am reading the book now and even though I speak more than a little Spanish much escaped me. You have done a great job!