Monday, October 12, 2009

Oscar Wao: Capítulo Seis

bacalao – salted cod fish

batey – a company-run town on sugar plantations, where Haitians live when they come to the DR for work

biscocho – a type of sweet

braceros – workers, comes from the word brazo for arm

Brugal – a brand of rum

caballo (off the caballo) – horse, but in context, heroin, off heroin

chicharrones – a dish made from fried pork rinds

concho - taxi

jaba – light-skinned?

ingenios – a modern sugar plantation

morir-vivir plants – die-live plants, a type of plant that

novela – Portuguese word for telenovela, soap opera with chapters and an end date

pájaro – bird, but in context, some negative

Quisqueya (quisqueyanos) – the Taino word for the DR and the people who live there

Xica da Silva – a slave in 18th century Brazil who rose to great power through her romantic relationships

Zurza – a region in the DR

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