Monday, October 5, 2009

Oscar Wao: Capítulo Dos

bata – bathrobe

bochinchera – a gossiper

chanclas – flip-flops

correa - belt

exigente - demanding

Liborio (hija de Liborio) - Papá Liborio was a messianic leader in the DR. He arose in the interior southwest DR as a curandero and advocate of the marginalized peasantry and was killed in 1922. There was a revival of Liborismo through the Movement of Palma Sola (1962-62). For Beli to call Lola “hija de Liborio” was to call her the daughter of a witch doctor and let’s us know Beli’s feelings about traditional religion.

Nueba Yol – Nueva York, New York in a Dominican accent

sancocho - a meat and vegetable stew

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