Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wakulla Springs

Anyone who grew up in Tallahassee has been to Wakulla Springs at least once, probably more times than one can count including school and camp field trips. If you go, you must take the river cruise (or the glass bottom boat if it's running). You're almost guaranteed to see an alligator or two, and if you're lucky you might even see a manatee. This past Saturday, my cousin and I revisited a childhood delight:

An alligator hides in the duckweed.

An Inhinga drying its wings.

My favorite thing to do at Wakulla: jump off the platform right over the source of the freezing and clear water. It takes your breath away!

Turtles sunning on a log.

Visit the Official Wakulla Springs website for more details.
Compare this post with the Swamp Tour my mom and I took last summer in Louisiana.

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