Sunday, September 13, 2009

Suriname: Cabana Fort / Vila Nova

One of the first places we went to on the Benzdorp Campaign was Cabana Fort (called "Vila Nova" by the Brazilians). On the Lawa River, across from French Guayana, miners came and went through this town often. It was similar to Benzdorp in that everything was priced in gold or euros (which people earned in Fr. Guayana) and the economy seemed based on providing garimpeiros with beer, prostitutes and temporary housing.

Many residents slept in hammocks with no nets, no walls, no protection against malaria.

The nastiest latrine I've ever seen. Ever.

The main road in Vila Nova.

Met klamboe...

...and without. This man had malaria and was spending all day and night in this hammock just waiting to get over it.

Rain coming in from French Guayana.


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Nicole said...

Your photos speak volumes, Heather. They are really amazing images.