Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pangi

Pangis are worn as wraps, mostly by Maroon women. I believe most of these are handmade as I saw women around the city sewing them. Maroon culture has many, many connections to Africa, but I found this the most striking one. Women in Mozambique cared a great deal about the capulanas they wore and Surinamese women were no different about pangis. But the pangi is almost more beautiful to me. In Mozambique, most capulanas were imported from Tanzania or India and are not handmade at all. I see pangis as a creative outlet for Maroon women.

Pangi purses!


olivegarden said...

I like to get in contact with Miss Heather Leila. I would like to ask permission to use two photos of the pangis.

Heather Leila said...

Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. I don´t mind if you use the pictures. I´d love to see what you use them for. What is your interest in Suriname?