Monday, August 10, 2009


The Brazilian Quarter of Paramaribo is located on Tourtonnelaan/Anamoestraat just past where I used to live on Masonstraat. I worked at the Malaria Clinic (shown above) which served a mostly Brazilian clientele coming in from the garimpo.

Here are some images of the stores and businesses built up by Brazilian immigrants in Suriname. Some of the supermarkets cater to people going back into the interior. You can see mud-caked trucks and gold-purchase stores. The bakeries were amazing. On this street you could almost believe you were really in Brazil, just like in Nickerie you could almost believe you were in India. But I wasn't in either of those places this summer, I was in Suriname.

Trans-America Supermercado

One of the two bakeries I visited almost everyday. Tyree is drinking Cupuacu juice, hmmm.

Is Nova Schin better than Parbo beer? I can't decide.

One gram of gold was worth 28 USD while I was in Suriname. A case of beer in the interior could cost 2.5 grams of gold.

Check out the ATV peeking out from inside this gold store.

There was a casino conveniently located near all the gold shops.


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R Dub! said...

Thank you for this!!! Went their yesterday!!! I'm was fascinated with this complete Brasilian neighborhood...glad I found your blog!!! I saw Masonstraat too!