Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip to Nickerie

Nickerie is the second largest city in Suriname. After our class, two professors and some students took a short road trip here. It was of interest to us because Nickerie has the highest suicide rate in the country, which is high in general. I found the city to be much more calm and peaceful than Paramaribo and I enjoyed learning more about Hindustani culture. At times I felt like we could have really been in India, not South America.

The library has a section in Hindi as Nickerie has a large Hindustani population.

A house with jhandi flags.

My friend Sachida's parents owned a vegetarian restaurant. Delicious!

A Hindu temple along the Corantijn River, the border between Guayana and Suriname.

Possibly an anaconda, we found this snake in the middle of the road on our way out.

Rice fields.

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