Monday, June 1, 2009

Paramaribo: Arrival

I don't have much time to write! But things are going well here. After some confusion with our schedules, we didn't get picked up at the airport by our original contacts. But we had met the president of the University on the plane and he took us with him. On the hour-long drive from the airport to the city, the president, the driver and another professor from the University discussed (in Dutch) what to do with us. For some reason, none of them wanted to take us to any hostel or hotel; they were convinced that everyone would be asleep and that they wouldn't attend to us. So we ended up going with the driver, he said we would stay at his house. But first, he had to pick up his wife at a wedding. So, at 1 am we went to the tail end of a wedding party. Even the bride and groom were asleep...only a few family members remained drinking and watching the little boys clean up. Of course we were fed. This family was of Indonesian decent, they served us a soup called souto and fried plaintain chips and beer. It began to rain and the little boys played in it. The driver got a call that his son had already taken his girlfriend home and so there was no place for us to sleep there. He took us to his sister's house instead. So at 3 am we woke her up, and were shown our room. We quickly realized that a least one little girl had been woken up and moved from this room; it was covered in princess decorations and High School Musical posters.

In the morning we met the little girls, and the rest of this very generous family. We were fed again- this time noodles (bani) and peanut sauce. Then we were taken to the family that was originally supposed to pick us up. They felt really bad about the mix-up, they thought we were coming the next night. They had bought all this food for us, so we took it and went to the apartment where we would be staying. They also took us to buy cell phones and then insisted on taking us for an enormous Chinese lunch.

So, so far we have been in very good hands. Everyone has been extremely generous to us. We like our apartment, it is safe and we are figuring out the bus system to get to work. More about work later...when we know more ourselves.

Kisses to everyone.


Adrienne said...

Already off to an interesting start I see!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Very interesting and informative. What a wonderful internship-it seems you made the absolute most of it and covered subject matter beyond your class. That's Heather!! Finding interesting aspects of life many of us will never experience-but most of all sharing it in such a beautiful way. Loved the entire blog. An Admirer