Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can a Wife Be Occasional?

The Occasional Wife: The Modern Solution to Your Busy Life

This is a store I pass often on Magazine Street. I'm not really clear on what kind of store it's supposed to be, aside from what the picture tells us. Who is the target audience here? Is it for women who don't have time to be a proper wife? Is it for men whose wives don't do their job? Is it for unmarried men who don't yet have a wife to organize their life?

I will say, as someone's wife, I don't really like the idea that a wife can be occasional, or that the main purpose of a wife is to organize the husband's life.

Look at that wife! She's all ready to vacuum in those pearls and serve you a martini at the door. She's such a modern solution!

**Very exciting, Sociological Images posted about this company at my suggestion!! Take a look at their commentary: Sociological Images.

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Anonymous said...

What would an occasional husband look like?