Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brazilians Living in the New Orleans Area, by Zip Code

Final Brazil Zip Codes Gray Scale Brazilians/Zip Codes Gray Scale / Brazilians in New Orleans by Zip Code in Gray Scale

These two maps are showing where Brazilians live in the New Orleans area. Kenner, Metarie, Mid-City and Chalmette seem to be popular. This can help us bring services to the community. The clinics in these areas could try harder to provide services in Portuguese. A real problem for this community is that so many Americans do not recognize that Brazilians speak Portuguese, or they don't recognize that Portuguese is not the same language as Spanish. Language-access for medical care is a great interest of mine, and I think New Orleans has a great challenges in this area.

For more information, visit this site: http://braziliancommunitynola.googlepages.com/

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Adam said...

Exactly the info I'm looking for. I'm an American and I may move to NO to finish my studies. I am fluent in Portuguese and wanted to know where the Brazilians are. Thank you

Heather said...

This google map might be better for actually finding Brazilian businesses and communities: