Tuesday, April 21, 2009

States of Origin of Brazilians Living in the New Orleans Area

Final Brazil With States Gray Scale Brazil With States Gray Scale

In March 2009 I conducted a small survey of Brazilians visiting the Brazilian Mobile Consulate that comes to New Orleans every few months. I asked them where in Brazil they were originally from and their zip code here in Louisiana. I am mapping the results for my GIS class. I decided to post them in the case anyone in the community found them interesting or useful. It is important to remember that these results are not statistically significant or generalizable to the greater Brazilian population here in New Orleans because they are not from a random sample. However, they might serve as a starting place to conduct further research as to where the population is coming from and where it now resides in the New Orleans area.

It is clear from these two maps that the overwhelming majority of Brazilians are coming from Minas Gerais. This information will be useful to me when thinking of ways to tailor health messages to the community. Brazil is so diverse, with every state having a style of music, an accent, a favorite dish that is distinctive from other regions in the country. If anyone has any insights into Mineiro culture, please feel free to leave me a comment!

For more information, visit this site: http://braziliancommunitynola.googlepages.com/

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kelli said...

Wow this is really interesting. There are a lot of Brazilians in Hattiesburg, MS, also. I go to school here at Southern Miss and the Brazilian community just keeps growing. I was wondering, since you live around Brazilians and the New Orleans area, do you know if there are any Churrascarias there? You know, the Brazilian Steakhouses... I've been to the Brazilian Market and love it, but I really want to find a good Churrascaria. We don't have any in Mississippi! :( Well, let me know! And thanks for posting! It's always cool to find another person who is interested in the growing Brazilian community here.

Heather said...

Thanks! There's "Fire of Brazil" in the French Quarter. And then there's the Brazilian BBQ truck that is often parked near Audubon Park. I haven't eaten at either one though. The Brazilian Market in Kenner is really good, they have beef plates as well as some baked Brazilian treats!