Thursday, March 19, 2009

Swamp Things: The Alligator and the Python

So, Tyree and I have noticed that whenever Florida makes the news, it's almost never concerning something within the range of normal. It's always a hurricane, or a sinkhole collapse or some crazy person who let Disney World go to their head. On the Daily Show last night, Jon spent at least five minutes making fun of our little problem in the Everglades: pet-store pythons released into the wild. So I decided to post this picture from 2005 and fully embrace the crazy that is my state. This nasty image is of a python that tried to eat an alligator in the Everglades National Park. It didn't work out for the alligator OR the python. Really, only in Florida could a carnivorous Asian reptile meet our beloved gator.

In April 2009, the New Yorker happened to publish an entire article about the problem growing in the Everglades. What I liked about the article was its insistence that this phenomenon could only start in Florida through a combination of reptile-spreading hurricanes, a fertile spawning ground and a Floridian penchant for importing exotic pets. Please Read: Swamp Things


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