Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Inauguration

Here's what it means to me: I graduated high school in 2000, the year George Bush was elected. Florida being at the crux of the mistake doesn't make me feel better. But it was 9-11-2001 that really sent a dark cloud over all of us. It wasn't a good time for feeling hopeful about the future.; being in college, thinking constantly about my own future and how in this new world of terror, there wasn't really a place for me.

Part what made the Bush years so unique was the use of patriotism as a weapon, the bending of language to challenge even the notion of truth, numerous predictions in the book 1984 coming true- not in a communist country, but in our own! In 2003, we invaded Iraq and I graudated from college. Not milestones I would have wanted linked together.

I went to Mozambique with the Peace Corps, where I was constantly asked about Bush, about Iraq, called "filha de Bush", engaged by Mozambicans and Europeans abroad about the 2004 election. "What is wrong with your country? How could you have elected him again?"

I was so angry. Bush took from us the right to be proudly American. He made patriotism something for war advocates and torturers. He had no right to choose the immoral path he took us on.

I envy those graduating now. Even with the economic crisis, they have more to hope for than I could have in 2000 or 2003. While the war on terror abroad may not be quite over, our new government will not be relying on terror to get what it wants out of the American people, and I that's all I need right now. But I think there's more yet to come; Guantanamo is already winding down, maybe Iraq is next. Peace Corps volunteers going to Africa now will be called "filhos de Obama" and asked "How could your country have elected him? Tell us that wonderful story..."


Carly said...

Nice. And glad to see I somehow inspired it a bit (with the Beyonce YouTube clip :-) ).

Anonymous said...

I read some of your online profile. Your graduating so close to 9 11 must have "turned your world upside down." The whole thing did not really affect me too much emotionally as I graduated in 1973 in Miami. I had already spent time in Korea (I was in country when Park Chung Hee was assassinated) and in the Philipines when Marcos was their President. That you went to Mozambique, you have experienced some things that the vast proportion of our fellow citizens will never experience in their lifetimes.

To me, yesterday was extremely historical day not only in American history, but in WORLD HISTORY up to this date in world history. Why?


and you and I and billions of others were witnesses. If you missed OBAMA'S speech or want to listen to it again, the BBC site has it in its entirety. I liked the outlast you part he directed at the enemies of the USA. Do your best and that what you cannot control should work out in the long run.


and good luck