Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prospect 1: New Orleans Museum of Art

NOMA hosts a collection of Fi-Yi-Yi Indian costumes as part of Prospect 1.

This exhibit used observers' pulses to move the water and cast reflections on the ceiling.

The Emergency Response Studio is a FEMA trailer transformed into a self-sufficient emergency art studio. Check it out.

The paddleboats at St. John's Bayou are within walking distance of NOMA. The paddles play a kalimba as they move through the water. I think they are my favorite of the whole show; they are the most interactive and pleasing.

These pictures were taken in the desolate Colton School of Art. A former high school (I believe) the building now houses art studios. But the day we went it was empty, cold and hadn't been swept out since, well, it seemed since 2005.

This picture was taken just down the street from Colton at an alternative exhibit. From what I heard, local artists who were not invited to participate in Prospect 1 made their own show, which then was put on the Prospect 1 shuttle route.

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