Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prospect 1: Lower Ninth Ward

To take the Lower Ninth Ward tour, you should take the regualar shuttle, then get off at the L9 site and take the special black van to tour all the exhibits.

While I liked this mural, I didn't find it completely innovative. Many dining rooms in Florida also have murals of nature. Because this mural was painted in a house that had been flooded, there is a little more symbolism I guess. But for me it brought to mind plantation homes where I have seen the same thing.

I really didn't like this one. It used to be a public bathroom. The artist took out all the fixtures and installed this fountain. The guide pointed out that you could still see the water marks from the flood, as if the artist had anything to do with that. I felt it was the kind of exhibit that would invite crime; I mean, no one should visit this one alone. The Time Picayune had a good article about it: Hit or Miss

The Diamond Gym was featured in the November New Yorker article.

The Make it Right NOLA houses are not technically part of Prospect 1. However, the L9 van will take you by it. They probably received a lot of requests for this. It makes sense; the houses really are architectural gems and worth seeing.

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