Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This election was too intense to watch alone. I got together with some friends for what we were hoping to be a celebration party. Our wishes were granted and we popped some champagne and screamed so loud we had to have woken up some neighbors. Then we got in the car and drove to the French Quarter, just to see if anyone was out and about at midnight on a Tuesday. I would have expected more people on the street, but the people who were out were screaming "Obama!" at every car and we screamed "Obama! back at them and honked the car horn and it was really fun to interact with strangers in this way. Orleans Parish is a blue one, so it seemed like everyone in the city was just as elated as we were.

Why is this so exciting? I think Obama means a lot of different things to different people. As I was saying to friends last night, for those of us who were in college for September 11th, our entire adult lives have been overshadowed by fear and our country's crumbling moral value. We have been asked abroad about Iraq, torture, how we could have possibly chosen Bush as a president, why our country sucks so much. And it hurt me, I can say. I love being American and I feel Bush was tearing that away from me. And now, I see that changing. I see a new moment in our country. The world was watching us last night, and we have really said something to the world with our choice of Barack Obama.

For photos of reactions around the world, click here.

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