Friday, September 5, 2008

Southern Decadence 2008

So, Tyree and I went to the French Quarter Friday night, mostly to people-watch at the Southern Decadence Festival, which is kind of like a big Gay Pride dance party. The above picture doesn't really capture much- except somehow Tyree showed up in the same photo twice -weird!

But an even weirder aspect of the event was the protest on Bourbon Street. Not that an anti-Gay protest wouldn't bother me anywhere anyway. But how, of all the truly disgusting things that happen on Bourbon Street 375 days a year, these guys pick homosexuality as the thing God hates most. I do not understand. Where are all the jerks protesting "Barely Legal" strip clubs, or binge drinking or women exposing and making fools of themselves? God is really that bothered by homosexuality, and homosexuality alone? I don't think so.

Blaming HIV on sin? This seems the most un-Christian thing one could do.

A really nice guy gave me this fan after I asked him where he got it. It was the official fan from last year's party. This year's was a little too risque for me. But I'm happy to have this one to add to my collection of paper fans.

Of course, the festival was pretty much canceled after Friday night because of the hurricane. Boo.

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