Sunday, August 10, 2008

Un Bon Repas: Cooking School and K. Paul's

My mom is visiting this weekend and she wanted to go to a cooking school. We went to the New Orleans School of Cooking, on St. Louis St. in the French Quarter.
Our instructor, Anne, taught us to make gumbo, jambalya, bread pudding and pralines. It was all delicious. I'm especially excited about trying to make the jambalaya and pralines. Along with the cooking lesson, she gave a history of Louisiana and its food culture. I was amazed that she could talk so much while cooking these recipes and not burn something! She was really great.

For dinner we went to K. Paul's, Mama's favorite restaurant in New Orleans.

This is my mother and I in front of the Court of the Two Sisters. We haven't eaten there yet, but my grandmother ate here in the 1940's. She and my grandfather passed through New Orleans on the way to either Pensacola or California during the war (she can't remember which). The only reason she seems to remember why she ate here was that the lights were out because of the war and she ate all her rationed butter in just one bite because she couldn't see anything.

It was also Dirty Linen Night, on Royal Street. One week after White Linen Night, the galleries in the French Quarter open up and do the same thing. We were told that you're supposed to wear whatever white thing you wore the week before, but there were a lot less people in white this time. There were also a few people still in red from the Red Dress Run. I ended up liking White Linen Night better for some reason, but still, it's fun to walk around with other people. And I got another free fan. I have a collection now!

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