Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three years later...

Katrina is reaching its 3rd anniversary. A lot has improved; in my neighborhood there is no evidence of what happened. Other neighborhoods that were affected more severely, however, carry the scars. I think the house above is the only house on Coliseum Street that still bears the Katrina X. It makes me wonder how a homeowner makes the decision not to paint over the X on their home.

The X:

/ , one slash meant the rescue team had entered the house
X , the other slash, completing the X, meant the team had exited the house
9-28, the date is found in the top triangle
OSMS, the left triangle is the symbol of the particular rescue team
0, the number in the bottom triagle is the number of bodies found,
(fortunately, no one was found in this house)

0, the right triangle is for extra information like, Turn Off Gas or Dead Cat.
This boarded up school bears a melancholy sign: Registration for the 2005-2006 school year that never was and the starting date for students who never came back.

It seems so sad that no one has ever decided to get a ladder and take the sign down. The building is now for sale, so it is unlikely that students will ever attend this school again. But for the neighborhood, for the children who used to study here, it must be a reminder of what was lost.

I wonder if it were my home that had Katrina Graffitti. Some people were angry the teams spray painted their homes; sometimes the paint was on brick and very difficult to clean off. But it seems like it would be so easy, to just paint over it. For some, it might not seem like a priority among so many other problems. But I imagine for many, it was a choice to keep the reminder up there. It's a battle scar. This house was under so many feet of water, yet the owners came back and still live there. I think if it were my home, I might have kept the X too. As ugly as the storm was, it is a part of the city's history now.

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Amaly said...

thats insane! its been 3 years, I can't believe that they haven't taken down the school signs yet.