Friday, August 1, 2008

So, what was really inside that New Yorker?

New Yorker covers often don't have an article to address or explain them. The July 21st cover was no different. I waited anxiously for that issue because it had been hyped long before the magazine hit shelves or mailboxes. But I didn't expect an explanation. There was an article on Obama, but this is election season; there will be an article on Obama or McCain in every issue from now until November. The story "Making It" by Ryan Lizza had nothing to do with the rumors about the Obamas. It was a story on Obama's political origins and how Chicago shaped him as a politician. But the story did include two photospreads. One, a collage of his younger political carreer, the other a portrait of Obama possibly signing someone up to vote or get his name on the ballot. Both are nice pictures, positive. He looks handsome, the black and white make it seem not like the 80's or early 90's, but the Civil Rights Era.

The July 28th issue had a safe cover: white people drinking wine at a beach house while the lobsters escaped the kitchen through the window. The entire letters-to-the-editor section was devoted to letters about the controversial cover. Some supportive, most biting. Nothing we haven't all heard by now on other forums. But that was it. That was all that was said about the explosive cover. The New Yorker puts out an issue a week, they've moved on.

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