Sunday, August 3, 2008

Satchmo Fest and White Linen Night

We went to Satchmo Fest this weekend. Satchmo is a big music festival in honor of Louis Armstrong's birthday, August 4th. Most of the activities were at the U.S. Mint, but Friday night we went to Frenchmen Street where they had a Club Strut. We went to several different performances, our favorites being the Treme Brass Band and Leah Chase. Rebirth Brass Band marched in the street a few times too.
They played old footage of Armstrong against a building on Frenchmen Street.

The next night we went to White Linen Night on Julia Street. Everyone dresses in white and the art galleries open up. We even found one that gave us complimentary wine. I collected a few paper fans and free postcards.

The streetcar was hot and crowded with people all dressed in white.
One of the few pieces of art we actually liked. A Haitian piece called "La Sirene." We went to another gallery selling a huge ball of cellaphane for $400.

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