Monday, August 11, 2008

Cajun Encounter

On the last day of Mama's visit, we took her out to Slidell for a swamp tour with Cajun Encounters. Of course, to see an alligator was our mission.

I was amazed by how much Louisiana and Florida share in ecosystems; all the birds, the same poisonous snakes, the same saw grass, elephant ear and cypress. I'm curious as to why there are no manatees in Louisiana. Tyree says it's because we have more springs, which the manatees like the best.

White Egret

Blue Diamond Herring

Great Blue Herring

Our guide, Captain Ted, was very informative, pointing out all the animals he could. He also gave a little Cajun history. I found that he had a similar sense of humor as Anne, the instructor from the Cooking School. All their jokes were long stories that took their time in getting to the punch line- which was usually very slapstick. They both made reference to the fictional "Boudreaux," who seems to be at the center of many Cajun jokes.

I think this was the biggest alligator we saw on the trip. Mostly we saw babies. The guide attracted them to us with marshmellows, which he assured us we not harmful. Feeding alligators meat is illegal.

In front of the boat, at the end of the tour. The only thing we didn't get to see was a nutria!

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Emily S. said...

I just took a tour with Captian Ted last weekend with my mom and sister. It was the best part of my trip to New Orleans. So much so, that I definately plan on going back next year and taking another of Ted's tours. We only saw two baby alligators and one nutria--the story Ted told about eating nutria was pretty funny! :o)