Friday, August 8, 2008

El mundo barroco de Fernando Botero

Tyree and I were excited about the Fernando Botero exhibit. Botero is a Colombian painter and sculpture, known for his corpulent figures. The meaning of the obesity can be debated. I always thought it was a criticism of the wealth and power of those in control in Colombia, like in La Primera Dama. But in Nuestra Señora de Colombia you could also see the enormity of the madonna as a symbol of her all-encompassing presence in the country, for good or for bad. Or in La violación de Europa, about a myth in which the woman is always weak, the fat and powerful woman atop the bull looks triumphant.

At many paintings Tyree and I looked at each other and agreed that the scene looked straight out of 100 a
ños de soledad. The bananas leaves behind portraits of stiffly dressed politicians or priests exist in both Garcia Marquez's and Botero's vision of Colombia.

Maternidad y Nuestra Señora de Colombia

Hombre y Mujer

La Primera Dama, looks like I imagined Mama Grande in Garcia Marquez's story Los funerales de Mama Grande.

La violación de Europa, In the myth, Europa is taken away by Zeus in the form of a bull. In Botero's version, it seems the bull is subdued by her instead.

Pájaro y Pera

Tyree besando a la mujer gorda

Note: Something really cool about the exhibit is that you can listen to information on your cell phone, for free! Just enter the number given by a certain piece and you can hear commentary on its history and meaning.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning us on your blog. Our curator of modern and contemporary art (who also happens to be my wife) forwarded me the link--she was thrilled that someone appreciated her Botero cell-phone tour. And I was happy to read you took the time to explore the third floor--you would be amazed how many people don't!

We have a lot of cool events coming up the next few months so I hope you'll come back often. Next Wednesday evening, the 17th, is our closing party for Botero. We'll have live music by Acoustic Swifness, a cash bar featuring frozen margaritas, and Colombian tapas from West Indies Restaurant. All free to Louisiana residents, of course.

Anyway, now that I've killed most of the last hour of my work week reading your excellent blog, I guess I should get back to business.

Best from NOMA,


Anonymous said...

A nice gallery of Botero paintings: