Monday, July 14, 2008

What The New Yorker should have done....

It's clear to anyone who reads The New Yorker that it is not a stronghold of right-wing values. The problem is, not everyone reads the magazine. This image is bound to stick in the mind of anyone who sees it, and for those certain Americans who think Obama would hand America off to the terrorists if elected, this image only supports their ideas. One statistic says 1 in 10 Americans believes (even after the pentecostal pastor made his debut) Obama is a Muslim. These certain Americans don't seem to understand that they are the joke in this picture, not Obama.

The problem with the image is that it lacks context. I read one comment on another blog that suggests the image should be on a canvass painted by Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly. I thought the same; it should be clear that this image is one created by a specific group of people- and not the editors of The New Yorker. Here's my suggestion for them:

It looks different now, doesn't it? This is what Fox News is feeding people everyday. Fox News is the joke, not the Obamas. Just make it clear to us, New Yorker.


Shannon said...

Given the times, this is the best suggestion yet.

Stephen Bess said...

We share the same views on this New Yorker magazine cover. My concern was with the small percentage who are ignorant enough to believe the image. Good post. Nice blog.