Thursday, July 3, 2008

W Magazine and New Orleans: April 2008

Tennessee Williams

I don't like W Magazine. I'll be very honest: I get the magazine for free and that's the only reason I look at it. The focus on luxury makes me a little sick. It's partly a catalogue for expensive jewelry, etc. BUT, in April they handed over 60 enormous pages to New Orleans. Here are the images I liked best.
Vintage Mardi Gras

Voodou Princess

Louis Armstrong

The JOY Theater on Canal St. (close to the Tulane Public Health School) has not reopened yet.

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K. said...

Great pix! And congratulations to you both. I clicked on your link in your comment about the idiot school board in Trebonne Parish.

You're busy in school, but if you get a chance, read The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver To Congo Square, by Ned Sublette. I reviewed it here:

Also, I highly recommend this blog:

Good luck in school.