Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Streetcar Love: A Streetcar Named Inspire

The people of New Orleans love their streetcars. I love them too. The windows are always open, letting in a breeze, the wooden seats make the sound of a wooden rollercoaster. The best part is that they run on electricity , creating less pollution in the city-center. I kept seeing these painted streetcar sculptures on my route so I decided to take pictures of as many as I could. I found out later they are part of a fundraiser to fight crime. The Young Leadership Counsil named their project "A Streetcar named Inspire." Tell me if there are any I missed, and where they're located. Enjoy!

In front of the Audobon Aquarium, on the Riverfront

In front of Harrah's Casino, Canal Street

On the other side of Harrah's Casino

On Fulton Street

In front of the Sheraton, Canal Street

Near the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street

Near the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street

In front of Tulane's Medical School

On the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Poydras Street

At Lafayette Square

On St. Charles Avenue near Calliope Street

In the Garden District on St. Charles Avenue

In front of Superior Grill on St. Charles Avenue

On the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon

In front of the Jewish Community Center on St. Charles, with a real streetcar in the backround

Both sides of the streetcar in front of the Prytania Theatre, on Prytania Street

On Magazine Street, in front of Whole Foods


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!! I miss my city!! I am really good friends with one of the artist who has done the fish, fleur di lis', and these streetcars, Luis Colmenares, you should look him up he has a studio in St. Bernard!

Bari Landry-Vaz said...

I believe you will find two more on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, between Canal Blvd and Orleans Avenue.

Anonymous said...

There are 72 different streetcars for 'A Streetcar Named Inspire'. I got a map with all the streetcars listed from the Official Visitors Guide book.

Anonymous said...

You can get a list and a map of 67 of the streetcars at