Monday, July 28, 2008

Manatees and Kayaks!

There is an inlet at New Smyrna Beach where you can easily see manatees. A long time ago we swam there with them, but that's against the law now. It's a good law, too. They are endangered creatures. Slow-moving, they are often hit by motor-boats. Most adult manatees have scars or open wounds from the blades of boats. I know these pictures might not even make any sense! It was so hard to take pictures of them because, as slow as they are, they are elusive, surfacing only for a moment and then disappearing. Here's what they look like in clearer water:

My cousins Ashlee and Sean were nice enough to let us use their kayaks on the St. John's RiverThe manatee-mailbox of some proud neighbors A mural on the bathroom at the inlet's park

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Nick said...

Sorry we missed you in New Orleans, I really didn't remember that you were out there.

And my family used to visit a summer cottage in New Smyrna too, what a coincidence!