Monday, July 28, 2008

Hispanos en Nueva Orleans

Latina magazine wrote a great article in their July issue on Hispanics in New Orleans. As an ESL tutor, this was exciting to me because this is my clientele. The article explored the reasons why so many Hispanics have come to New Orleans and the obstacles they face.

Here are links to more articles on the same topic:

Christian Science Monitor

PBS Report

Times Picayune

It's complicated! New Orleans has such a strong culture of its own, I can understand why some here want to protect it. But, New Orleans essentially has a Caribbean culture and I think Hispanic culture could only change the city in positive ways that are compatible with the existing Cajun/Creole cultures.

And God knows we need some better Mexican restaurants here!

I especially like this time-line on the right column of the third page. It presents a chronology of Spanish and Hispanic influence on New Orleans. Nagin shouldn't forget that Louisiana was once part of the Spanish Empire and that jambalaya is a descendent of paella.

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