Friday, June 27, 2008

World War II Museum in New Orleans

Tyree's grandfather sent us a free ticket to the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Small Public Health Lesson: About a quarter of all American deaths in the Pacific theater were from tropical diseases. My grandfather fought in the Pacific, so I was especially interested in that section of the museum.
My grandparents were stationed in Hawaii after the war- my mother was even born there. My grandmother has always been interested in Pearl Harbor; the newer movie with Ben Affleck is the only movie made after 1955 that she's ever said she likes.
There were some very interesting exibits on topics we're not often asked to think about; Prisoners of War, the United States' alternative plan to the bomb which included a Pacific D-Day that would have called for 300,000 Allied soldiers. And there was also an exibit on propaganda. There were lots of displays of racist posters with buck-toothed Japanese- but there were also the posters the Japanese made of us. Below is FDR as we never think of him: a blue demon. I found this poster particularly ironic for New Orleans. Here we have a poster for the Army Corps of Engineers. Brave, strong, competent. I wonder if this is part of a propaganda campaign to win back some popularity in the city!

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