Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Orleans!!

Just to let everyone know, we have arrived safely in New Orleans. We are settling into our little apartment on Coliseum St. and getting to know where everything is in this city. So far we are loving it, everyone is unbelievably nice and it isn't even as hot as in Tallahassee at the moment (that may soon change).
The truck company made a mistake and gave a truck that was WAY too big! Yes, that is ALL of our stuff. (Don't worry, they compensated us for the extra gas it took.)
Crossing Lake Pontchartrain. Tyree drove the truck, I was driving my car behind him.
The monster truck in front of the apartment.Our street sign surrounded by banana leaves. Yes, New Orleans, like Florida, is sub-tropical.
Our cute bathroom.
My cute husband enthusiastically making fajitas in our kitchen. Banana flower in the complex courtyard.
I don't want to show pictures of the living room and bedroom just yet- we still have boxes everywhere. Just wanted to let everyone know we're doing great. Beijos, Heather


Amaly said...

hey hon! glad to hear that you made it to NOLA safe&sound!!! enjoy setting up house, and I can't wait until you get internet in that place so we can chat online! :) Miss you! tell Tyree I said hi.

yoga said...

Congrats on the move Heather! I'm glad everything is going so great. I look forward to making it down to visit. un besote. Enjoy~ J

Carly said...

I love all your pictures! You guys are too cute :-) I can't wait to come and visit you and your new place!