Monday, June 2, 2008

How to change your name when you get married:

This information is from Florida, specific to Tallahassee, but I'm sure it's a good outline for anyone getting married.

A note about marriage licenses: You must get your license at the County Clerk's office within 60 days of your wedding. You can't get it sooner. It costs $90 AND you get a $30 discount if you get a document proving at least one premarital counselling class. If you will be married by a religious figure, they will probably require you to take a class (or three) anyway. But even if you are getting married by a judge, you can always take the premarital class ONLINE!

After the wedding, if you're planning on changing your name, here you go:
1. The first thing you should change is your Social Security card. Bring your marriage license and your driver's license. Go early in the morning, when the line isn't so bad and the employees aren't so miserable. It will arrive in 10 business days. No fee.

* Many women lose their middle name and replace it with their maiden name. I wanted to keep all my names because my middle name is just as important to me as my maiden name. The trick was to make my maiden part of my middle name. Otherwise, on paper it would look like I had two last names, which is not what I wanted.

2. Next, go to the DMV and change your Driver's License. Again, bring your marriage license and old driver's license. I walked out with my new license. Fee $10, unless you want to go ahead and renew it, $15.

These are the two most important documents to change.

If you have a car:
3. You must change your name on your car's registration. Go to the County Tax Collector's office, show them your new driver's license and that's it. No fee, unless you're renewing it anyway, then it was $28. $2 charge to use a credit card.

4. Then we went and had Tyree put on my insurance. No fee, until we start monthly payments, :(

5. At the bank, to add a person to an account, show both licenses, sign some papers and that's it. Many gift checks were written out to both of us, using my new name, so to cash them we had to get on the same account. If a check is written out to two people, both people must sign. No fee, although we're closing out accounts soon because we're moving. Maybe there would be a fee for new checks and ATM cards.

6. Credit Cards, just make a phone call, prove you are who you say you are by reciting your SSN over and over. No fee, just a new card in about a week.

I hope this is helpful to anyone getting married soon.

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