Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Nossa Boda! 24 de Maio!! Pebble Hill

Tyree and I were married at St. John's Episcopal Church on Saturday, May 24th. It was an amazing day. I handed my cousin Laura my camera and she took pictures for me. We haven't gotten the professional pictures yet- but when we do, I will post those too. They are a little out of order because I just want to hurry up and publish them. Enjoy! Other pictures will come later. Much love, Heather

Dancing the Electric Slide to Mafikizoulo. EVERYONE was dancing!
Tyree dancing salsa with Grandma Betty.
Cousin Michele being merry.
Family coursages.
Getting ready for the ceremony at St.John's.
In the dressing room at St. John's. Sorry, no pictures of the ceremony just yet.
Cousin Michele fixing my dress at the reception at Pebble Hill in Thomasville.
Tyree looks pretty happy!
Tyree and I had our first dance to Monchy y Alejandra's "Te quiero igual que ayer,". We love bachata!


Tyree said...

OMG! There's ghosts at the reception! Click on the picture of me and Grandma dancing at look next to my back!

Amaly said...

Tyree! i looked and I don't know where to find the ghost! :)